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No Family Member Left Behind

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-I looked into this dream last night, in the dream the great gathering of saints had finally come to past, it was finally happening. Just as so as it happen there were these phenomena things happening all around the heavens, like if you look to the east the entire sky was black and threatening. Then if you look to the west, there was a bright sunshiny day, where to the north there was this missile being launched, seeming for the second time and to was falling to the earth. As so a glance like toward the south, a meteor or comet was slicing through the sky to the earth, There were such erratic things going on with the sky I didn’t know whether to described it as the great gathering of saints or the second coming but in the dream it was the great gathering of saints.
-Of course Jesus in the book of Matthew 24 goes from describing the great gathering of saints, clouds and angels, to describing His second doing which will be with the stars of heaven. In the dream all while this was happening there was something about a singing group, a band, about its drum or drummer which belonged to me. I don’t know, from Independence Day the movie, the song, the lyrics, “it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine,” has been playing in my head the last few days or more. That is the one thing I remember about this dream, how very, extremely comforted it made me feel, I didn’t want to wake. I simply by Christ’s Cross wanted to go home, even when I awaken I felt comforted. Truly hurry Lord Jesus with swiftness and speed and get us all, the Heavenly Host, the Lamb’s bride the victory. The beginning of the Christ Jesus millennium reign mightily on the map 09/02/2011

No Family Member Left Behind Campaign 09/02/2011

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-One day soon, the U.S. economy will collapse. In the aftermath, there will be mass riots, looting, and a total breakdown of law and order in our society. When the dollar loses its value as the number one world's reserve currency, the price of goods and services will skyrocket. Gas prices will skyrocket. The food at grocery stores and restaurants will skyrocket. After the economic system collapses, the trucking industry which deliver goods to stores all over this country will be greatly affected. This means there will be a shortage of goods.
-Imagine going to the grocery store one day, and there's no food on the shelves because truckers did not deliver those goods. Many people are asleep, even in churches. Stop listening to false ministers at church who teach you doctrines that are not Biblically supported. For instance, the hundredfold blessing plan being taught in many popular churches today is a false doctrine. Biblical scriptures does not support the hundredfold blessing plan.
-The Bible doesn't say that when you give the church 10 percent, you'll get back 100 percent in blessings. However, Biblical scriptures does support giving 10 percent tithes. In addition, none of the New Testament sciptures say that Christians are required to give tithes to a church. You should give out of generosity, but it is not a requirement that you give tithes to a church. Ancient Israelites of the Old Testament did not give tithes in coins; they tithed food.
-Preachers should be telling people how to prepare themselves for the coming economic collapse. Some of you Christians are mindless slaves sitting under ministries where the pastors are teaching you false doctrines and ideologies, which are not Biblically supported. Learn to think for yourselves. Watch alternative news, and find out what is really going on in your world. Get your head out of your ass, and open your eyes.

No Family Member Left Behind 09/02/2011

Apostle Patricia Bradford, Apb, The RAM

-I’m using these youtube videos, these strange people to describe to my family members what they simply refuse to receive from me. Just last night 09/01/2011 I was describing to my husband how the last time my eldest sister and I like recently had to depend on one another financially. Well it was the mid nineties, I was living only two miles away from where I live now, there was this barrage of forewarnings from the Holy Spirits. They were drilling me about what is described today as a failing American economy, Holy Spirits were asking me what would happen if all of American’s debts became do? Eventually by visions and dreams I saw banks fall, I saw the housing sector fall.
-I witness construction supervisors climb on top of roof tops forewarning the workers how there was no more work for them to do, I saw the entire church organization fall, they drilled me about these matters for days and days. Just as soon about five years later they gave me this vision, while I was riding along the side of my husband where I was admiring all the fancy mobiles. All the new buildings, just what seem like a thriving economy when suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit speak and say and I quote “one day they won’t be able to give these whimsical creations away.”
-Just as I heard this I thought about one sister who was buying a home, a brother who was getting a home build, a niece who was getting a home build and just as I considered this tears started to trigger along my face. Then just as soon I heard a voice inquire, why are you crying, don’t they deserve it? You see in the nineties when ministers were beginning what has become an astronomical message of prosperity in this nation and world. I was in the pulpit instead reminding them of great trials and tribulations that were coming as mankind is to reap atrocities sown.
-I described how America would soon be in wars, one of these enemies would be Arab, and the other, Asian, an Asian invasion on American soil, and yes, the elder thought I’d lost my mind, although I didn’t consider it then, it was all a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. How Nations would rise against nations, how there would be wars in various places, what I saw was war, that the west was worthy of these wars, that these wars began an epidemic of wars. Even this new war with Libya, I know many of you thought once you voted Obama in there would be no such wars when his presidency has arrived just in time for a three world war, unto the Anti-Christ reign and worse era of mankind ever.
-Just as so wars that will get so vastly out of control it will be this entire country’s way of admitting, America is a country that runs off of blood, this world’s life blood. That every time we buy, eat, drink, live and drive in this country it’s all fueled by this world’s lifeblood. If we were honest we would admit the taste of their blood on our tongues when we eat, the feel of it on our hands when we work, it’s in our beds where we sleep, even when we fill our automobiles we can see the fuel is blood red. Yes I said we, because by Americans lack of protest, to the world it mean we don’t even care about the war-mongering anymore, as long as we get the spoils of wars, namely, the American Dream.
-Though it’s all coming to a screeching halt, all you have to do is remember the days of Moses, it seem to take God forever, but one day he heard the Jews cries and completely decimated Ancient Egypt with their escape. With Father Abraham, he again heard the cries of the people and by fire from heaven completely destroyed sin cities Sodom and Gomorrah. Now just imagine for the final time God is hearing the cries especially of the myriads of martyred saints regarding the lying, murdering whore Mystery Babylon (The American Dream, Free world) whereas millions, upon millions by this Supreme One wrath being poured out will die in this nation alone.
-I was sitting this particular morning, I was folding clothes, the Holy Spirits apparently knew what was in my heart as they’d placed it there, that I would eventually leave the church building,the pulpit and preachers preaching. Just as I sat, folding I heard a voice speak to me declaring, “somebody need to tell them, somebody need to war them.’ Again it said, “somebody need to tell them, somebody need, to get to pastors of Christ, to get to ministers of Christ, to get to messages of Christ, to learn of end times events, for a time of darkness (perilous time) is coming.
-You have to realize I was in a church, I was a minister in a church, so I was to go and tell church people to get to churches, ministers, pastors and messages of Jesus Christ, to learn of end time events, for a darkness was brewing. You have to remember what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, how God searched for those who would WORSHIP Him in spirit and truth, only the Holy Spirit by the truth of Gods’ word can shape and mold us into God’ s form of righteousness, (Jesus Christ), it was a Spirit of holiness that couldn’t be found in religious organizations. Hence the Holy Spirit was asking me, to forewarn them about the one thing most church assembly and preaching preachers don’t have, alters of repentance and reconciliation.
-Heretofore the Holy Spirit was in essence forewarning church people to get away from organize Christianity and by their repentant heart, and the words of their mouth, their knees get to Jesus Christ, the only redeemer and savior of the world. It’s the picture of Jesus in the book of revelation standing on the outside of the church knocking on the door, I like to say, the hearts’ door trying make an entry for the salvation of mankind’s soul as they’re all otherwise by the things of the word disillusioned. Let these false leaders tell it, Jesus set up both his kingdom and our kingdom right here on this evil earth, and we’re to simply love this evil world, and the things of this evil world completely forfeiting God’s eternal throne.
-Organize Christianity, the very religious spirit driving the nails, is mostly about setting up treasures on this earth, and losing your heart therewith, and just as soon your immortal soul, second life. This cunning craftiness while true Christianity is about setting up treasures in heaven, thus your heart, thus your immortal life, that even your thoughts are above where Christ sit on the throne, you must be born again. This Holy Spirit was forewarning of the very cataclysmic times we the people of the United States, and this world is entering into. Clearly, instead of putting our diminishing dollars into this voracious after human blood and souls economy, we need to be spending them on our stores, stocking up, because despite our ability to endure great trials, think about the cries of the children.
-Your world is ending, mankind’s reign is over and done with, there’re some financial analyst who says we’re in an inflationary depression, food, water as so all other natural resources will suffer. It is suffering a hyperinflation and just before they’re to disappear all together, a measure of wheat for a day’s wages, a measure of barley for a day’s wages and see that you hurt not the oil and wine (divine intervention). I warn my family about these horrors which were approaching in an article I wrote in 2003, one entitled ‘A Wise One,’ now this crash course. Like the lady in this video forewarn, stop dis-believing the prophecies of God, God’s kingdom is come, and if so, man’s kingdom, as so the nations, kingdoms of this world will pass away consistently, horribly, repent!
-Acknowledge Jesus as Lord, call on him, and serve him, for this blessed hope shall forever deliver us out of the hand of the destroyer. This is why I anoint my grand-children often, in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then just before I finish, I request that they be found worthy to escape. This is what Jesus suggested, that we pray that we’re found worthy to escape all of these things. Then you ask escape what, what things? Escape what the Christ Lord has described as the worse trials and tribulations this earth is experiencing at present, those of which this world has never seen, or shall ever see again, where ancient demons will walk the earth. Clearly the worse of what’s described especially in the book of revelation, hundreds of millions of men, woman and children will die. Hence to escape mean Jesus the Christ is the only one that can save us out of the worse world cataclysms ever, save us.
-As the redeem of Christ’s cross will not be subjected to God’s end time wrath to destroy the wicked and bring the repentant to everlasting life. It is this holy word which has promised the redeem, how the Lord himself (Jesus) will ascend from heaven with a shout (the commission COME, possibly three times). With the voice of the archangel (again COME) and the trump (trumpet of God), how the dead in Christ will rise first, every human being who has ever died in Jesus Christ will rise first. Then those of us who’re yet alive, and remain in Christ Jesus will be caught up in the air with the lord and there shall we forever be With the Lord Christ.
-Every time I’m reminded of how beyond description horrible it’s going to be, how people will be put to death by torture vehicles unimaginable. How they’ll have to endure this world worse natural disasters ever, world ending disasters, after disasters, after disaster. How the earth will again rise up to kill, how the sky will rain down to kill, how people by the millions will be forced to suicide and murder suicide, to even take the mark of the beast of which they’re automatically condemned to hell. I don’t won’t one of my family members left behind to endure such trials, stop and drop everything, fall on your knees where you are, asked Jesus to forgive you and receive into his kingdom, to help you walk in the light of righteousness as surely as he, blessed be the name of this Lord Savior of the world.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

Synchronize Israel

A Voice Declaring: Synchronize (harmonize, coordinate) Judah, the nation of Israel, of Judaism, about bringing her into line prophetically on the map 02/14/2010
For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Praise Him, Where Grace Is

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above

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