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Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Collin Hain

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-Seen to be seeing a collapse of societies nation and worldwide, the fall of law and government unto complete chaos on the map 09/15/2011
-There’s something about NEO’s, about the heavens departing as a scroll when it is rolled together, mightier than this world has ever seen trials on the map 08/05/2011
-The question being, will the rapture be pre, mid or subsequent to the tribulation period, with a divine answer, A Voice Declaring: “With the trials and tribulations.”
-The question being, whether we’re entering the final seven years of this age or the last three and half years of the anti-Christ reign, A Voice Declaring: “The Rise Of The Anti-Christ,” 08/05/2011, (the prophecy link 59, one (beast, the woman of Rev. 17) is loosed, another, (beast, the beast carrying the woman/whore, in Rev. 17th chapter,) greater is to come, 1989, 2001, 08/26/2011)

Silence: Collin Hain


That You Be Not Partakers Of Their Sins, 09/20/2011

-“I was raped and sodomized by three of my classmates,” as one wiping meticulously at near to tear eyes, even a leaking nose at finding himself in front of a group talk section Collin Hain could not believe he was unleashing the darkest day and secret of his short lifetime. “The main guy had been making advances to me, although I wasn’t gay, these advances yet stirred my weak flesh into trusting him who was openly gay.” “This, this right here is AndrĂ©, I, actually we lost one another for a while after this happen, but we’ve since found each other, we’re even engaged,” that he’s to pause at the applaud of a group of about twenty others young people. “I mean what can you say about feelings?" "I was horrified, the pain was unbearable yes, but the reality of what had happen.” “I wanted to die, and if my two cousins, Desrek and Soledad, both of them believers, in the Christ Lord I mean, if they’d not been there for me, well God have mercy I would be giving this testimony from the pits of hell no doubt.” “There is no evidence of this, I made sure nothing of this would be known beyond that hotel room and that’s ok, I’m not looking to bring charges, but that you be reminded nothing in this world other than Christ’s cross is what it seem, especially with the Supreme personally promising delusions upon unbelievers.” “One of these guys have since apologized, he said something about a darkness had a hold of him, he could see and hear.” “That he could even feel everything he was doing and believing was all wrong but he was powerless to stop, he further say he just fell one day.” “That he stumbled upon his face and started calling on the Supreme Holy One of Israel and the dark presence illuminating as a light (the Americsn Dream) was lifted off of him, like a weight unimaginable he described it, it’s a miracle he said, and indeed it is.” “To be honest it was an easier transition for him than it was for me, I simply wanted to crawl off into a hole somewhere and dwindle away to non-existence, though we being immortal, with a death judgment pending, this simply wasn’t possible.“ “No matter how much it hurt me and embittered me and even horrified me, I had to make a choice, you have to make a choice because beyond this planet you have no control over your fate.” “Only he who created mankind has this power and no man has this claim, it’s what the Christ mean when he says don’t fear.” “Or don’t be intimidated by those who has power or who usurp power over your flesh, but has no power over your immortality, don’t fear them.” “You’re born dead, or with a death debt and God unto Christ’s cross is both proprietor and the redemption, don’t be deceived, the man you fear can only kill your body, the God you trespass against can kill both your body and soul in hell.” “The spirits of homosexuality and Lesbianism, of same sex relations and marriages are described in the Supreme’s word as turning the truth of God into a lie, and as a result the Supreme promise malignancy would be rampant among these evil doers, this is why the lifeblood has been so tremendously compromised by what is described as HIV (Aids), this 20th /21st century holocaust.” “It’s true, making this choice, or these choices is your freedom, the Christ Lord died for your freedom, that you know the truth about the practices (freedoms) that you make, that when you make these decisions you’re deciding whether to walk with God (Christ’s cross) or against God (the children of the devil).” “This is what you have to be most concern about, God’s form of righteousness is about you knowing the truth and the implications, even the accountability of those decisions.” “We can’t worship God,” a stunning, truly inspirational AndrĂ© is to chime in as they’re to make these claims as a couple, “and he can’t be God to us, create this phenomena relationship with us if or when we make the wrong decision.” “Say we’re in a discussion whereas we’re all talking about how we’re looking forward to spending eternity in heaven with God, and all the various ways we have of getting there.” “There’s the church we attend, the denomination we’re in, the known spiritual leaders we have, that we’re or you’re one of the most kind, charitable persons you know.” “Of course this list goes on and on and on and the Christ Lord walk up, the one who know even the words in our mouth and say, that all seem good and right, but I’m the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto, or enter into, upon the Supreme Father except by me.” “Then someone ask but how is it you’re the only way?” “And then he answer the cross, the blood sacrifice, the atonement for you, I suffered in my flesh, as God putting on flesh for this reason.” “That’s to completely make null and void the blood/sin debt against you, there is no other line of defense against this sin debt, by the shedding of blood it’s the second death, or the shedding of pure blood, immortal life, and all mankind’s blood carries a sin debt.” “This is why God, this single mediator created the Christ Lord as sin, who knew no sin, who was essentially sinless, not that he couldn’t sin, but wouldn’t sin as he’s the only one who could enter into the Holies of Holy offering up his own pure blood for the salvation of mankind, (his name shall be called Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”) “In other words guys,” as one scooting a rub of manly hands into the end of his seat, where the young people in attendance totally flabbergasted by these too. “You may think the greatest decision you’re to make is your choice of college or career, that is nothing and has been nothing but a subterfuge, the truth is you’re on your way to a grave, and when that happen whether or not you believed the Christ Lord will decide the fate of your immortal soul." "Remember the Supreme Creator breath into man and he became a living soul, it is your God-ship, it can, and shall never, ever perish thus your most meaningful decision is immortal life, or immortal death as our God and not rebellious man, reign.”

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM

Five Are Fallen

And there are seven kings (Kingdoms),five are fallen (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia and Greece), and one is (the Roman Empire in John’s day). And the other is not yet come (the Arab Emirates), and when he come he must endure a short space, and the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth (the anti-Christ reign, whose to ascend out what was the Old Assyrian Empire) Revelation 17:10-18

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Prophecy Link Archives (2002)

1232. There’s something about a Nuclear Dropping, a nuclear to an atomic attack on US soil greatly on the map 4/17/2002 1241. There’s something about Israel, about a massive, massive death toll, the abomination that make it desolate on the map 04/17/2002 1299. A Voice Declaring: “International calm depend on an Israeli surrender,” bringing Israel to the bargaining table on the map 04/12/2002 (A Voice Declaring: Synchronize (harmonize, coordinate) Judah, the nation of Israel, of Judaism, about bringing her into line prophetically on the map 02/16/2011

-Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

-I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

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