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The Bank Of Oprah Winfrey

-There's something about the most Special Couple of all (see Jesus and the Church bride) taking precedence over the residing presidential couple (the Obamas). About a vicious, deadly, even demonic manner of resistance 05/17/2010

-There's something about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, something about using a lengthy strand of hair to measure all the death, dying and gore 05/19/2010 (see Rev. 14:17-20, God's wrath, six feet, see unprecedented tribulation).

-There's something about a brand new Whitehouse, how glorious, magnificent unto a number measure measuring 15%, see fifteen percent of the world's population 05/19/2010

The Bank of Oprah Winfrey

-Dear President Obama, I was just sitting in front of my television a moment ago when I was suddenly reminded of the staggering number of foreclosures being reported in the nation. It was here I asked myself, aren’t we in all actuality while looking at the millions of foreclosures, actually looking at the death toll of entire households by the millions. I soon moved from the bedroom and went into the kitchen, started to wash dishes where I continued this mental debate. Thus I further asked, why are banks allowed to prosper continuously from the very economic disaster they themselves, fostered? It’s as though they set a trap for the people, banks and big business, where they themselves with these predatorized people were captured in their own laid for man snare. That when the people’s one well paid security guard came to the rescue, they more so saved the people’s aggressor and oppressors leaving these victimized people in grave mortgages, critically entombed.

-Then I thought, isn’t the fact these clever thieves were bailed out with taxpayers money, couldn’t this then be considered a paid in full toward the taxpayers mortgage default instead of a double assault against them, now causing them their homes? Then I asked, when it is going to be illegal for banks to foreclose on people’s home, their very livelihood even statehood? Then I thought because of this truth, all foreclosures should stop immediately, how those taxpayers who’ve lost their homes should have those homes returned to them straight away with no further cost or lost to them. That whatever income they’re yet able to bring in should be used to prepare these homes and family for the great cataclysms (Elenin, the 6th seal) that is to come in a month or so.

-Call me crazy, as most of you often do, but I’ve always wanted to enrich all people, God knows there has been more than enough money on the planet to do so. Though when it seem as though I was to get little help from heaven, I know, I know, they reminded me recently how there’s no money in heaven. I always thought God was against this ideal, though I just as so realized, God wouldn’t allow one man to be rich, unless all men could as well be rich, this is just the kind of God He is. Let’s take the Bank of Oprah Winfrey for example, I call her this because she’s worth enough money to actually be a bank. Why is this, what did she do, what was it that she sold, what it is that she knew that she’s now worth billions and billions of dollars, or is this simply what popularity is worth these days?

-It is utterly ridiculous that any human being is worth this kind of money, more money than they can spend in a thousand life times. That even if this is because millions and billions blindly supported her financially the twenty-five years of her fame, this simply mean she has kept their money in a trust all these years and now she need to give it all back. Though not only her, every person in this country who are sitting on more money than they can spend in one life time, that’s every person who spend most of their lives building for themselves more and better, bigger store houses. I got something to tell you, wealth and poverty never could, would co-exist, because of a relentless love, hate relationship one always overrule the other, with that kingdom, nation and people eventually self-destructing.

-Then I thought to myself, what if money worked like manna from heaven? Everyone having the ability to go out each morning and collect just enough for the house, just enough for that day. That having plenty to store or stock up wasn’t possible because by morning that reserve would be nothing but worm bate, unto another manna of rain. But no, we put this astronomical manner of abundance, of beyond belief treasures right beyond the people’s reach, this overbearing breaking point. Sort of like spending most of your life window shopping for all of the things you want, need and just got to have, but can't, won't. Now the only thing preventing, itching you and egging you, them, is the amount of cash or credit you’re to have in your pocket. This littlest thing called wealth and prosperity some have and some don’t have and this heinous manner of segregation having no respect of person, ethnicity or gender is pulling the nation apart into itty, bitty pieces.

-This entire world financial system has always remind me of the time Jesus got in trouble with the religious leaders for healing a man on the Sabbath day. The one reason Jesus did this was to portray to them what a hypocritical system religion (man’s various ways, thoughts and commandments) are, were. Like the religious/political world system today, it was an organization for the people which had completely abandoned the people. This well of water was rich with healing power for anyone who dip themselves in just as Holy Spirits stirred the water. When Jesus approached this man in this bed, just out of reach of aid, he explained, being paralyzed (poor, inadequate, insignificant) no one would be there to help him into the cleaning, healing waters. This healing stream was then only for those who could help themselves, and only help themselves people as always did.

-Of course Jesus having mercy especially on this sinner, told him to take up his bed and walk, having been sick for ages, taking up and his bed, and indeed walking. Simply, Jesus warn him to turn away from his life of sin, or an even greater thing would befall him, of course carrying his bed on the Sabbath day is what got him and this divine healer, Jesus in trouble. The fact that a man so crippled now walked didn’t matter, they couldn’t see the miracle for their corrupt, rebellious heart, (bureaucracy). Mankind’s wealth and prosperity is like that healing well, whereas every now and then Holy Spirit come and stir the wealth about. Of course those benefiting the most being so engulf with their own needs and wants and especially greed, neither can they see the miracle (enriching all that are or need to come) for all the regulations (curse) of government, politics and biased, even toxic economics.

-One would then think, if the banks can afford to allow millions and millions of real estate to just sit and virtually rote away, then they can allow people to re-enter these homes if only for the upkeep alone. It seem this would be better than the hundreds of thousands being made homeless and sleeping in cars, RV’s, shelters and tent cities. It seem like we’ve created a monster, a real live home and family devourer that is all the more fueled by a US system becoming all the more impassive, even tyrannical at neglecting and even discarding its own for gain. How did this happen? How did a system for the people become this people’s worse nightmare, its hope and security now its abandonment, this unworkable state of confusion and mayhem. Incredibly this is the system of freedom, justice and diplomacy we’re to spread across the Islamic world, this is the hope and dream of (a cursive appendage) they’re to rally behind? And they think their leaders are mad.

-Holy Spirits explained to me in the late nineties how a day would come when Her, Americas insurmountable treasures would become so worthless you wouldn’t be able to give them away. At the time, in the late nineties, the time of America’s insurmountable growth this didn’t seem likely, though if they told me, I knew some day, this day, every day it is amazingly so. It’s unthinkable that we allow such an apathetic, literally sadistic system of iron, dishearten laws and regulations of merciless men. Those who have let millions die, who would rather let millions continue to die than forfeit their way of government and capitalism to decide or make humane decisions when we know it’s completely beyond them to do so. Let’s Mr. Obama put things back in order, back in perspective, this is why you, of all of them was voted into office. This is why a well practiced jubilee sounded throughout these lands, so you could fix what had been broken in the nation for so long, this cultural and monetary hypocrisy, an obscured segregation is it all.

-The stringing, burning quite divine reality is, all mankind was to either be as rich as the richest of all men on this planet, or all mankind was to be poor as church mice. I’m sure now that God is stripping the worlds of all wealth, or the wealth of the wicked as described in scripture more people are to understand this. You see wealth nor poverty by no standards has any respect to person, only man does, especially when he’s the one making all the rules, when he’s one setting all the standards, when he’s the one making all the laws. It’s funny how man has for centuries come up with these award winning ideals, but there was never one where all mankind could be made wealthy, all. I always told my spouse, my husband, the war especially in Iraq, and now in Libya, oil country was always about America’s leaders refusing to downsize, or equalize. So they virtually made war on any substandard nod-head who disagreed and wanted to take his money and put it somewhere other than the failing dollar or the Euro. The crying God of 1995/6, promised to stripped every leader on this planet responsible for stripping his people, for leaving them not only naked and bear but dead, some even perished to the damn, now the long anticipated fulfillment.

-I remember walking into this store one day, a store reminding me of the days of my childhood, the local candy store. I went in looking to buy of course with only pennies in hand, it wasn’t long before I realized what was once a penny store had been transformed into a fine groceries or even a fancy restaurant that I nor the pennies in my pocket could afford. I left the store that day immensely cast down in my spirit being unable to pay for what I needed, a victim of man endless ability to consider the less fortunate. Just as soon I looked toward a high in the sky sun, a high in the sky sun that looked like a sparkling diamond, a sparkling diamond that began this remarkable descent down toward me. I stood there and watch this high sun modify, transform and metamorphose into a gigantic diamond cut, crystal like dove a million times the size of a regular dove, blocking out the entire sky. It made this vigilant descent down, directly to me, as to make contact with me, and disappeared again into the heavens where I then woke up in bed.

-Three of Jesus’ disciples Peter, James and John had the privilege of being a witness of Jesus, the sunlight of God transfiguring before them, unto two biblical Patriarchs Moses and Elias descending from heaven appearing and talking with the Christ Lord, it again was a way for God to prove who this kind soul among all souls truly was. The three disciple were so excited and astonished at what they saw they offered to build tabernacles for them, that they may dwell here, on the earth with them, it was like Peter encouraging the Christ Lord to live, when He’d come to die (sacrifice.) Then there was the Apostle Paul, having at one time being in heaven himself, in the midst of the paradise of God he described it. That he had this amazing assurance to be told for the believer, how eyes hath not seen, that nor had ears heard, how neither had it entered into hearts of man, the things God hath prepared for those who love him. Always and forever hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

-For God So Loved The World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believeth In Him, Shall Not Perish, But Shall Have Everlasting Life, John 3:16

-For God Hath Commended His Love Toward Us, That While We Were Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us, Roman 5:8

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM


Prophecy Link

-A Voice Declaring: "We only have one more month," there's something about a countdown, of divine attention paid toward the issues of mankind 10/04/2008
-A Voice Declaring: "Two weeks and seven years," a divine countdown, unto the fulfillment of all things biblical and prophetic again on the map 07/29/2008(see Russia and Georgia, a prelude to end time world wars)
-A Voice Declaring: “Seven More Days, (02/10/2009), justly a divine count down on the map 02/03/2009
-Seen to be seeing a controversial note, letter, a scandal of sorts targeting the Whitehouse which is to then cause nationwide panic, chaos and repeated forms of vicious attacks. All of the above when a white (pure, redeemed) woman’s cry toward heaven cause the heavens to cry out in its own voice, in her own hearing, “A Day Before Christmas.” There’s something about the day before Christmas, about December, 24th about Christmas eve, a form of divine intervention gloriously on the map 12/10/2008
-Seen to be seeing America, Britain going in separate directions, a voice declaring: "America," "Britain," "separate them into itty," "bitty pieces" 06/12/2004the crumbling of the West on the map.
-Seen to be taken into flight over the United States, seen to be seeing massive destruction from the Eastern Seaboard to the Western Seaboard. Seen to seeing a severely destroyed space port, as so a just as damaged White House, the smoke of its burning, nations of the world catastrophes on the map 08/15/ 2001, the end of the free world on the map.

-Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

-I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

A Ministry Above

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